Product Reviews

Hello...we roasted one of your chickens for our Christmas dinner....delicious!  With the broth I made from the carcass, today we just had the most awesome chicken and dumplings!  The juice is so creamy and nutritious because the broth is made with the bones...adding lots of delicious flavor.   Yum!  Thanks for farming!  Looking forward to more in the future.  Happy New Year to you all, Nancy Stefka (12/2015)


Betsey that was THE best roasted hen I have ever eaten. I made chicken sandwiches, chicken and rice and bone broth for the freezer. Every part was used. My husband commented on the flavor & appreciates me buying humanly treated poultry. I have bought beef and now chicken. Keep up the good work! ~joanna (12/2015)

Oh my goodness your chicken was amazing! It really is tons better than store bought. We lightly seasoned it and put some butter in the core, covered with foil and baked it. We prefer dark meat but the breast meat was really just as tasty and moist. The skin was thin, crispy, and tasted so good. Your chickens aren't fatty like the store bought ones. They are so big we made 3 meals for the 2 of us. I was really surprised at what a huge taste difference there is. I'll be getting more! Susan Coleman (01/2016)

Betsey we have enjoyed your eggs immensely. We cracked one next to an egg that had all the looked for adjectives when buying quality eggs today, cage free, organic, etc... The visual test showed the two to be very different with your yolks being larger, taller and two shades of orange darker. They made a wonderful and flavorful egg salad for Easter. (4/3/16) 

I just want to tell you we made the best vegetable beef soup with your stew meat and soup bones. Got the recipe from the New York Times and it turned out great!  Thank you so much for what you do and providing these amazing products. Have a great vacation at the beach! Jonathan (6/13/16)