Mulching & Stumping


Caterpillar 297 with Mulching Head                   With Fecon Stumpex


Longview Land Clearing(LLC) specializes in forestry mulching, stumping, small acreage clearing, lot preparation, and fence row clearing.  Our Caterpillar 297 is built for mulching up undergrowth of all kinds including small oaks, pines, shrubs, and down branches and trees.  Mulching is both environmentally friendly and economical.  Instead of digging out, piling, and burning; our mulching head leaves nothing but fine mulch behind without disturbing the soil.  See before and after pictures below. 


LLC also specializes in stump grinding by using our next generation stump grinder, the Fecon Stumpex. The Stumpex can quickly remove a large amount of stumps in a short time. It is perfect for converting forest to pasture.  Click here to watch our stumping demo


Sample Mulching Projects

Before After

Before...                                     After!

Before...                                                   After!

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